The Creativity Sessions Workshop Schedule 2021

No upcoming events at the moment

All Workshops are available to purchase separately for $97.97 per person, or come completely FREE with your membership to The Creativity Sessions



  • Who am I? Persona Workshop  


  • Who am I? Archetypes Workshop 


  • Where am I? How location affects creativity and how to get what I need! 


  • Where am I? How do I get where I want to be? 


  • What do I want? Be specific! 


  •  What do I want? Creating your own vision of success. 


  • What stands in my way? Inner and Outer Obstacles.  


  • What stands in my way? Obstacles are the way - they build “character.”  


  • What’s my tactic? How do we have fun getting SHIT done. 


  • What’s my tactic? Building the skills to overcome the impossible


  •  How do I see the world? The way you see the world allows you to create your vision with your own point of view.  


  • How do I see the world? Your Vision Is your Gift to the World

(it's not on amazon, you gotta make it from scratch!)