We've popped up a few of our most FAQ's - but if your question isn't answered just click the button below to get in touch with us, we LOVE to chat!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my monthly subscription to The Creativity Sessions?


  • A Daily Class, which will be a combination of video and text 


  • A Weekly Facebook Live class - Mondays at 1:30pm PST


  • And a Monthly Live Zoom Workshop 

Why is The Creativity Sessions

on Facebook?

Facebook Groups platform has a great structure, so we used what works! 

and let's face it, that's the first place you go in the morning anyway...

What happens if I can't make it to my Facebook live class or my monthly workshop?


Although we LOVE to have you participate as a group and work through these lessons with you, all lessons and workshops will be recorded and posted in the group. 

Do I get FREE workshops?

YES! You will receive 12 Bonus Zoom Workshops with your Creativity Sessions membership! click HERE to see the full list.

How do I buy the classes?

What days are the Emotional Connection classes on?

Classes are on Thursday nights at 5:15pm PST from March 4th - May 20th. The next round of classes is TBA.

So who are these special guests anyway?

We bring in the creme of the crop from all sorts of different fields so that you get rockstar knowledge from the best of the best!

Most recently we welcomed:


  • Angela Quinn - Casting Director

  • Kat Montagu -  Author/Story Editor/Professor

What happens after I sign up?

Once you become a member of The Creativity Sessions you'll receive a Welcome Package which will have a link to the private Facebook group, and tell you how to access all of your lessons.

Why are the Emotional Connection classes on Zoom?

The Emotional Connection classes are extremely interactive, and zoom is an excellent platform for this. 

You choose if you want to turn your camera on.

What do I need to bring

to class?

Both Classes will require you to bring a journal and a pen. For the Emotional connection classes you will also require a sturdy chair with no wheels, and it should be done in a space where you have room to move about and can make lots of noise!

Who is life story coaching for?

Anyone who wants to make a BIG change in their lives! so far we've had Stay at home parents, doctors realtors, retirees, high school kids, writers, actors and even a space entrepreneur (yup, there is such a thing).

Can I get Private Coaching?

YES. We're developing small group classes and private coaching. We'll let you know as soon as the programs are ready!

When are the Creativity Sessions held?

The Creativity Sessions is a year long course, enrolment is ongoing. The year starts whenever you decide!

So what's your cancellation policy?

While we don't offer refunds for the work already completed, we are so confident that you are going to love our programs that we offer a no hassle cancelation policy. You can cancel at any time, with no penalties... but we bet you won't want to do that!